Crypto Dancing Men NFT

CDMNFT is a collection of 10,000 Crypto Dancing Men NFT
on the Solana Blockchain.
NFT project to Support Ukraine!


We will be listed on:

Magic Eden Solanart Solsea


A small team of enthusiastic programmers from Kyiv is writing to you, being patriots of their country Ukraine. For the past month, we have been preparing to launch an NFT project called Crypto Dancing Men. In this project matches are used to make 65 unique figures that encode the letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers, punctuation characters and auxiliary characters. We did not have time to launch it - the war began. Cruel russia is capturing the cities of Ukraine by the hands of its soldiers, committing war crimes, killing civilians and innocent children. The enemy is making air strikes on hospitals, kindergartens, residential areas, depriving people of homes and forcing them to sit in cold basements. Thousands of victims are on russia's conscience, millions of women and children have to travel to neighboring countries as refugees.

We wanted to help our country. Unfortunately, we were not accepted to territorial defense or volunteer battalions - we do not have the necessary military experience. But we did not give up, we decided to fight in any way. And the Internet is our victorious weapon in this war - we maintain a Youtube channel where we publish videos with true chronicles of the war, as well as help our cyber warriors to bring the truth to the territory of the occupying country.

We understand that now is not the best time for a new project, but despite everything we decided to launch it as "NFT Support Ukraine" project. Today our idea has a special mission: we will raise funds and donate them to our champions in territorial defense, volunteers - to purchase thermal cameras, sights, camouflage clothing and solve household problems. We will just work for charitable causes and help common people survive by providing them with food and medicine, evacuation assistance, etc.

Each of you can help the Ukrainian people survive in this difficult fight against russian aggression. So we expanded our project and added a new idea: everyone can donate any amount in SOL currency to our wallet

or Share link and Donate using credit card on Paypal in USD

and send words of support to Ukraine (up to 143 characters on Telegram @CDMNFT or Twitter @CDMNFT) as a comment to the payment.

For example:

We will create a new "NFT Support Ukraine" picture for each of your payments (value 0.10 SOL and more) with your words of support and a heart in the color of the flag of Ukraine, which will indicate the amount of assistance. And it will be eternalized and recorded in the SOLANA blockchain network!

On our website we will publish photo reports from our soldiers and all needy people, as well as maintain blog about all our and your good deeds.

Friends, please support our project - let's breathe life into it, so that it will give it to hundreds and thousands of other people. We ask you to repost information on your social networks, send to your friends and close colleagues.

We pray for peace in Ukraine and do good together! We stand in full solidarity with the words of our President Volodymyr Zelenskiy - "Life will win over death and light will win over darkness"!

With respect and hope for support,

Our team
Pavlo, Olha, Konstantin, Yuriy


5,431 unique Crypto Dancing Men NFT images are created by procedural generation from the main table of 65 symbols, digits and letters. 4,569 NFTs reserved for your words of support for Ukraine.
Matches were used for visualization of the main table (variants of head, position of arms and legs, backgrounds, etc).
The match was divided in half or even a quarter. BTW, you can try to make our figures in real life by ordinary matches.
All NFT items are divided into four types: 1) symbols table 2) popular male and female names 3) popular english words 4) words of support for Ukraine.
CDMNFT is hosted on the blockchain Solana.


You will get the intellectual property and commercial rights of your Crypto Dancing Men NFT.
It means that you can use pictures, alter, build derivatives from them and obtain any potential monetization.


Royalties from the secondary market will be fixed at the minimal level only 0.5%. Furthermore, half of them will be redirected to the community, using various mechanisms.



When will be the sale?

The sale will take place on the 4th April 2022 at 6pm UTC.
Please follow our Twitter and Discord:
Twitter Discord

How to buy a CDMNFT? Is there any limit for me?

You will be able to mint it on our website on the day of the sale by the price starting at 0.40 SOL for the main sale.
Please notice that we recommend Phantom or Sollet wallet.
You can mint as many CDMNFT as you wish but for a fair drop. Pay attention that it’s limited to 1 CDMNFT per transaction.

Where can I find my NFT?

After the mint you will see your NFT in your wallet. Furthermore, after the sale it will be listed on a number of marketplaces.

What to do with my CDMNFT?

You become the owner of CDMNFT, so you can use it any way you want, including even profile image on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Please do not forget to place your stake and get rewards.

Still have questions?

Do not hesitate to visit our discord! Here you can chat with our communication managers, administrators and other team members willing to help.


Web developer, project author
He is not only the author of hundreds of websites on different topics. But the inspirator and the creator of our great project having impact on millions of other people. Thus, he builds best future by building websites.

Communications and PR Manager
Having solid experience in marketing and PR, Olha is passionate about her work. She will find answers to all your questions and keep in touch with you right to the end. People are the greatest value for Olha.

Administrator, Tik Tok manager
Process management is his power. Konstantin supports the correct operation of the web resource and execution of all the commands. His passion is also Tik Tok, where he shares with you the real life of our project.

Partner, Financial Manager
Used to doing business in different spheres, he is now deeply involved into cryptocurrency world. Yuriy is responsible for reliability and stability of our project, as well as manages the financial flows. He is excited to explore new horizons.


Check out the nature of the Crypto Dancing Men and learn how to code, decode text or create new NFT to support Ukraine.
Click on image to download high resolution table (approx 4Mb)

or use separate zip file which includes all PNG symbol files, TXT file with details and PNG crypto table

Full table with all 65 symbols below:

symbol code download
!exclamation markPNG
"quotation markPNG
#number signPNG
$dollar signPNG
%percent signPNG
(left parenthesisPNG
)right parenthesisPNG
+plus signPNG
.full stopPNG
0digit zeroPNG
1digit onePNG
2digit twoPNG
3digit threePNG
4digit fourPNG
5digit fivePNG
6digit sixPNG
7digit sevenPNG
8digit eightPNG
9digit ninePNG
<less-than signPNG
=equals signPNG
>greater-than signPNG
?question markPNG
@commercial atPNG
symbol code download
Aletter APNG
Bletter BPNG
Cletter CPNG
Dletter DPNG
Eletter EPNG
Fletter FPNG
Gletter GPNG
Hletter HPNG
Iletter IPNG
Jletter JPNG
Kletter KPNG
Lletter LPNG
Mletter MPNG
Nletter NPNG
Oletter OPNG
Pletter PPNG
Qletter QPNG
Rletter RPNG
Sletter SPNG
Tletter TPNG
Uletter UPNG
Vletter VPNG
Wletter WPNG
Xletter XPNG
Yletter YPNG
Zletter ZPNG
[left square bracketPNG
\reverse solidusPNG
]right square bracketPNG
^circumflex accentPNG
_low linePNG
`grave accentPNG


Letter "A"
Word "PEACE"
Male Name "JOHN"
Female Name "MARIA"


There are five types of rarity for 5,431 NFTs:

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